Our services

Our services include translation, editing, and proofreading of general and technical texts.

Areas of expertise

We specialize in technical texts related to biosciences and medicine. Our translator has a background in biosciences and that alone will ensure that all technical aspects of your text will be translated correctly. To guarantee the quality of technical translations, we collaborate with a number of experts in molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, and other areas of biosciences.

We have completed several large projects related to tourism and it is now one of our areas of expertise.

Medicine: promotional booklets and user manuals for pharmaceutical products, personal care products, well-being products, user manuals for medical equipment, medical case summaries, etc.

Biosciences: user manuals for laboratory reagents and tests, user manuals for lab equipment, articles, presentations, research plans, etc.

Tourism: promotional booklets, market research texts, business propositions, web pages, presentations, tourist booklets, restaurant menus, etc.

Language pairs

Finnish > Russian
English > Russian

Editing and proofreading

We do proofreading and editing of Russian texts. Proofreading includes spell checks, grammar checks, and translation accuracy checks (if the source text is provided). In addition to proofreading, we can do further editing to improve terminology, style, readability, and consistency.

Example translations

User manual for a herpes test (for www.Granimed.fi).